Who We Are?

Founded in 2007, CrearCimientos is a real estate developer company, with experience in diverse sectors such as residential, lots, commerce, health, among others. Our headquarters are located in Medellín (Colombia), with projects in Medellín, Envigado, Sabaneta, Bello, Itagui, Oriente Antioqueño, and Barranquilla. We have the capabilities for further national expansion. CrearCimientos focuses on Management, Comptrolling, Marketing and Sales of real estate projects, leading the development from beginning to an end.

Our Philosophy

We Create Spaces to Grow

We develop hight quality and first class properties, so that just like in constructions, these serve as the foundations for our clients’ growth and potential.

Develop real estate projects that offer the best value equation for our clients, fostering an excellent investment both in the short and long term:

  • We carefully select prime locations that have a strong present and future.
  • Our designs offer an attractive mix of aesthetic and functionality, guaranteeing the best use of areas.
  • We offer a personalized service throughout the cycle, starting from investment advice to final product delivery and post-sales services.
  • We work together with experienced and recognized strategic allies that guarantee the high quality of our projects.

Our Partners

We build our properties with highly seasoned strategic partners to ensure the quality of our constructions.

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Investment Opportunities

CrearCimientos offers a diverse portfolio, with projects across different sectors, price ranges, and delivery dates that can match your needs. Each of our projects operates with a trust fund that guarantees a proper management of the project's resources. Prices for properties are negotiated and must be payed in Colombian Pesos. There are different mechanisms to wire and convert foreign currency to Colombian Pesos.

We are glad to provide further assistance in this process. For more information please contact us.


  • Crear Cimientos tiene apartamentos en sabaneta de Manzana Once vista 1
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    In a prime location in Sabaneta, Manzana Once's design and its ammenities are inspired in you and your family.

    City: Sabaneta

    Sector: Prados de Sabaneta

    From: $296.289.815 COP

  • Ver Galería

    Apartments and offices in an exquisite location: Av. El Poblado, just 1 block away from Club Campestre and walking distance to shopping centers, supermarkets, banks, and more.

    City: Medellin

    Sector: Campestre

    From: $471.524.000 COP

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    One tower, totally independent suites, in a strategic location. Ideal to live and rent.

    City: Medellín

    Sector: El Poblado

    From: $ 480.000.000 COP

  • Punta del parque apartamentos en envigado, fachada imagen lista en Crear Cimientos
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    New! Exclusive and surrounded by nature, Punta del Parque offers the apartment you always dreamed of.

    City: Envigado

    Sector: Las Brujas

    From: $560.619.080 COP

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    Apartments and lots surrounded by nature in El Retiro, just 35 minutes away from Medellín.

    City: El Retiro

    Sector: Oriente Antioqueño

    From: $272.569.000 COP

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    Located in the Alto de las Palmas, MonteRosso offers Exclusive lots with a spectacular topography

    City: Envigado

    Sector: Alto de Las Palmas

    From: $890.000.000 COP

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    Exclusive, elegant, and confortable. Mondrian offers exquisite details such as private elevator, first class materials, and and amazing view.

    City: Medellín

    Sector: El Poblado

    From: $ COP

  • Fachada Consultorios del Sur, proyecto de salud en Envigado de Crear Cimientos
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    Invest in the proyect that will take health care to the next level in the Southern area of the Valley of Medellin.

    City: Envigado

    Sector: Las Vegas

    From: $288.742.500 COP

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    OPENING SEPTEMBER 27: Carnaval, the largest shopping center in Barranquilla’s South Metropolitan Area, located just a few minutes away from the international airport, will offer breakthrough entertainment.

    City: Soledad

    Sector: Calle 30 # 13-65

    From: $773.075.000 COP

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    With over 110.000 m2 of constructed area, Florida Parque Empresarial will be the most important commercial development in the northern Aburra Valley with services, shopping and industrial offerings.

    City: Medellín

    Sector: Robledo

    From: $681,036,000 COP

Work With Us

We highly appreciate your interest in joining CrearCimientos. Human talent is our priority. Please send us your Curriculum Vitae to recursoshumanos@crearcimientos.com.

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